Walking the Great Barrier Reef

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I specialize in creating vacations and curated experiences since 2001 and have loved every minute of it. Education in Tourism and Travel Industry Management has been the solid foundation on which I have built my agency.  A simple weekend getaway or weeks of rest and recreation in the breathtaking locales of the world; A soulful journey in the mountains or a fun-filled beach vacation, I am happy to assist you with ideas, travel plans, and reservations.

My travel favorites so far have been walking the seabed of the Great Barrier Reef and being mesmerized by the sheer power of the Grand Canyon. I have attempted and failed miserably skiing in the Indian Himalayas however walking and cycling down KhardungLa – one of the world's highest motorable roads has been my greatest travel memory.

To me, travel is experiential learning. While I take every opportunity to travel, I also take the time to update my knowledge with industry-approved training. I enjoy being a travel advisor and sharing my experiences and expertise to make your vacation truly world-class.

I am here to help you plan your trip. Whatever the reason you’re traveling, I’ve got you covered.

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