Erika M

Iceland - June 2022

"Neelmani provided world-class service helping to plan our trip to Iceland! We had not done much research on our own when we planned the dates. I think one of the best things about working with Neelmani is that she set up a time to talk early on and asked very specific questions about what type of experience we were looking for and what our priorities were for the trip. She did research and provided customized recommendations for tours and outings that fit our budget and schedule. We wanted smaller group tours that were compatible with children. She coordinated directly with our hotels and tours and arranged for special requests such as early check-in, breakfast, and specific location pick-ups. In addition, she followed up with information reminding us of the cancellation dates as well as travel health requirements. Her customer service and communication is excellent! She read all the fine print and relayed the information to me to ensure I was comfortable prior to booking. It was like having a personal travel assistant! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting a first-class, customized travel experience."

Brintney L 

Florida - December 2021, Dominican Republic - 2022

"We worked with Neelmani and she was absolutely amazing! She was extremely patient with me and my family as we figured out the details of what we needed for our vacation. (And our needs were a bit difficult). She went above and beyond for us and got us the best house for an awesome price! I would highly recommend going through her for your next vacation!"

Mariana P 

Chicago - December 2021 

"Neelmani is such an absolute joy to work with. With some basic information she crafted a wonderful experience, perfectly suited to our needs. She helped us plan a weekend in Chicago and helped us identify the ideal, centrally-located hotel, close to everything we wanted to see and do, so comfortable and beautiful, and made the perfect suggestions for sightseeing, meals. I can't wait to bring my 2022 travel plans to life with her help."

Julie B 

Caribbean Cruise - February 2021 

"Neelmani is a true expert- fantastic customer service, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. She continues to go the extra mile in every way. I feel confident and excited about our vacation plans and would recommend her to anyone who would like to plan an unforgettable, worry-free trip!"

Sarika K 

Mexico - July 2022 

"Neelmani has been our travel guide/ guru for a long time. Be it suggestions of places to visit or local tours or anything pertaining to leisure travel. She is extremely professional, makes sure she has noted all requirements, suggests positively at the same time gives you the freedom to choose. She is patient with any changes to the plan. We recently booked a 5 days vacation to Cancun- Mexico through her. Everything was carried out super smoothly with loads of inputs that helped immensely. She was in touch regularly throughout to make sure everything was going well. Due to an unavoidable situation, we did not get our pre booked ride to the airport the day we checked out. She responded immediately to my msg and suggested a solution. We will bank on Neelmani for all our future leisure travels both domestic and international. Thank you Neelmani for another memorable vacation. Looking forward for many more with your assistance!!"

Christine W

Alaskan Cruise - June 2023

"Neelmani is everything you would want an agent to be. She is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I didn’t know what I didn’t know about booking a cruise, and she guided me through every step of the way."

Taylor S 

Mexico - July 2021 

"We worked with Neelmani to plan a surprise birthday trip to Cancun for my dad and ~15 of his friends! This was a big group and not an easy task but Neelmani handled it seamlessly! We didn't feel one bit of stress or concern as she planned the entire trip, reservations for his birthday, and making sure all of our friends were taken care of and booked through her discount as well! We cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us in helping us to plan this AWESOME surprise for my dad as well as booking our rooms, transfers, flights, etc. I would highly recommend using her for all of your travel planning needs with how fast and responsive she was for all of us!"

Mayuri S 

Dominican Republic - November 2021 

"Neelmani booked Punta Cana trip for us. Initially, my family was not getting the same type of room which my other friends had gotten due to room unavailability but she made sure to continuously check with the resort and as soon as room was available . She immediately booked it for us. I love her passion for her work. I highly recommend her. Thank you Neelmani."


Italy - March 2023

"Neelmani is amazing! We recently came back from the perfect trip to Italy. Neelmani took care of everything beforehand. As college students, we didn't have that much time to book tickets and look through sites to find the best deals and Neelmani greatly supported us by helping us decide and book, sending reminders when we took too long to get back, and making sure the trip went smoothly. We ended up spending all of spring break across four major cities and around the area, visiting all the famous sites with our own twist of smaller cities."

Amy S 

Alaska - June 2023 

"Neelmani booked our family cruise to Alaska and it was WONDERFUL! We had the most amazing multi-generational trip, and Neelmani was right there to attend to all our bookings and answer all our questions. Very RESPONSIVE and very attentive to our questions and concerns. We can't wait to use her services again!!!!"

Saritha A 

Spain - November 2022

"My husband and I worked with Neelmani to help plan our first family European trip with 2 adults and 2 kids.

Neelmani was great in helping build our itinerary and finalizing our destination i.e. Spain. She is very responsive on different modes of communication (text, phone and email). She was super helpful with her tips and experiences from other clients, booking our flights & itineraries. She provided us custom services with summarized info within email and alerted of any risks to the trip ahead of time. Her experience working with different clients was helpful for us as she makes it more personal when providing her views.

I would highly recommend working with her for your next international trip. I will definitely work with her again!"